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Estefanía named inaugural recipient of New York Stage and Film's Pfaelzer Award >> Read here

The Garbologists

"Applause for Estefanía Fadul's knowing direction."

The Philadelphia Inquirer


"Superbly directed by Estefania Fadul and featuring a talented, accomplished cast, this show is full of humor and heart...The Creative Team has done a remarkable job of bringing The Garbologists to the stage...A Must See."

- Broadway World

Zoom Intervention (Virtual)

 "In the evening’s standout, a play by Noelle Viñas called Zoom Intervention,..the Off Broadway treasure Liza Colón-Zayas gives it the full complexity of drama...Great performances are crucial in monologues...Viñas’s play, directed by Estefanía Fadul, is beautifully structured and as long as it needs to be."

New York Times (Critics' Pick)



The Times-Picayune:


“Do not let this magnificent play go unseen.”


“Director Estefania Fadul and her cast of three fine actors carry the audience through the emotional turns with agility…Fadul establishes a steady but easy pace for the 90-minute play, allowing it to unfold easily but knowing when to linger over an image or feeling.”


“…in these seemingly ordinary lines, director Fadul drew out performances from her cast that are emotive and melodic.”


“The play is spoken in both English and Spanish, but the use of different languages surprisingly is not much of a barrier, as the gist of every conversation remains evident through the acting and direction.”


The New Orleans Advocate:

“…the delicate production is directed and performed with a light touch, revealing a poignant love story floating on sincerity and kindness.”


“Under the direction of Estefanía Fadul, the trio of performers display a natural chemistry. From heated conversations to well-timed looks and loving gestures, the bond between characters is a core strength of the show…the well-crafted production provides audiences access to a uniquely American experience rarely represented on stage.”


"...a relatively large cast, which in this well balanced production is a pleasure to watch..."

- New York Times

"I cannot speak highly enough of the level of acting in this production; the hard work, love, and care present in Scissoring are extraordinarily clear. The ensemble cast, ably directed by Estefanía Fadul, does the difficult subject matter justice, and then some."

- Theatre is Easy

"A theatrical or literary confrontation of the issues surrounding coming out and sexual orientation discrimination are certainly nothing new, but, under the direction of Estefanía Fadul, Scissoring offers a fresh, contemporary approach to the subject. Quintana’s crisp, humorous writing is effervescent and lively and delivered by a magnificent and uproarious cast."

- Theater Pizzazz

"Director Estefanía Fadul guides her ensemble through a well-paced procession of mostly two-character scenes, pairing them in the various nooks of Raul Abrego’s spare scenic design. In all, the production constitutes another fine outing by INTAR, which has been promoting Latino voices in the theater for more than half a century."

- Off Off Online

"Director Estefanía Fadul’s energetic staging realizes the play’s humor and seriousness as it smoothly flows...Scissoring stands as an accomplished work of theater that deals with topical issues which besides gay rights and religion also touches on restricted immigration to the U.S. The present political climate magnifies its resonance and relevance."


Óye Oyá

"Under Estefanía Fadul’s direction the zarzuela comedic break, the plight of the peasant, and Cuba’s strands of lineage are masterfully woven together by Ortega’s composition...Óye Oyá is a breath of fresh air from the Disney spectacles, which may awe, overwhelm, and make great entertainment, but sometimes lack the human element we go to the theater for. Óye Oyá has the same attention to detail, an impressive and talented cast, a skilled director, a top-drawer composer and a good book, but the songs seem more true...New York-based director Fadul’s hand in Óye Oyá shows right through in an elaborate choreography and chorus that overtake Milagro’s theatre space with a hysterical pageant, leaving the audience surprised, hammered in the gut from laughing, and in awe of the cast performing Ortega’s piece..."

- Oregon Arts Watch

"The cast was all first-rate and Felipe-Barkin particularly has a terrific voice.  Fadul has done quite an exemplar job of putting this all together on such a small stage...I’ve always been impressed with the quality of their shows and after almost 35 seasons, they have proven they have quality and sustainability in their productions."

- Dennis Sparks Reviews

El Laurel de Apolo

"The most powerful scene of the play was without a doubt the climactic transformation of Daphne into a laurel tree...the metamorphosis was a masterful visual and aural spectacle."

- Journal of the Association for Hispanic Classical Theatre

"Odd as it may seem to mention the intermission, this one merits commentary, as it was pura fiesta. Actors pulled audience members onto the stage to dance as Garnica and Venuz Delmar sang upbeat Cuban music and ballads. Other members of the cast served glasses of wine to audience members, who thoroughly enjoyed the unexpected party."

- Journal of the Association for Hispanic Classical Theatre

así van los fantasmas de méxico, primera parte

"All in all, a must-see if you want to support Repertorio Español's Spanish plays."

- Stage Buddy

"Colombian director Estefanía Fadul picks up on Olmos' lead, offering a precise pace and good order required by the author in each scene..."

- Impacto Latino (translated)

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